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The "Skyrim: Dawnguard Expansion Pack" downloadable content pack for Xbox 360, PS3, & PC-Steam gamers, arrives February 26. The expansion pack is available here right now for free on all consoles.

Don’t accuse The Elder Scrolls of selling out to the modern-day pop-culture vampire craze. The venerable role-playing series has been in the blood-sucking business for years, and so there’s nothing to forgive when Dawnguard, the first expansion pack for endless epic Skyrim, boasts a vampire-centric premise. In fact, you’ll be thankful Dawnguard went down this road. That’s primarily because the new campaign – accessed at character level 10 or higher either by talking to city guards or meeting a courier – is effectively two games in one. As you delve deeper into the mystery of a vampire plague loosed upon Tamriel, you’ll be recruited by an ancient group of vampire hunters known as the Dawnguard – and you’ll have the option to either fight against the neck-biters or become one of them. I chose the former for my first play-through and plowed through in about eight hours, but that was with my high-level, high-damage Redguard warrior who didn’t need to spend time journeying to cities to buy or sell items. Your playtime may vary, but an average of 10-12 hours is a reasonable expectation. 


Step 1) You must click on one of the consoles you'd like to download from.
Step 2) Download The Map Pack from  or click on the Download Button ps3,xbox or pc.
Step 3) Plug in a USB drive to your laptop/desktop and transfer the Map Pack on to it.
Step 4) Plug the USB drive with the Map Pack into your XBOX. 
Step 5) Now run Skyrim and map will show up

Download Skryim: Dawnguard Exp Pack for XBOX 360 & PS3
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Download Skyrim: Dawnguard Redeem Code XBOX 360 & PS3
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